My journey to healing finds its roots in my early years. I have always been a very sensitive person,  but my empathic abilities became clearer and stronger as a teenager when I realized I could pick up on people's emotions.  

I was a professional athlet in my teens who then decided to shift  into natural healing in 2007 when, following a life long fascination for the body and its mind-spirit connection, I  became a qualified massage therapist.

From this first course, my passion and interest in the "unseen" increased, leading me to continue my studies in energy based healing therapies.

I trained in Biofluidic Osteopathy and Theta Healing which provided me with a solid framework to support my intuitive perceptions during a session.

Parallel to my training, I continued to learn about repetitive patterns, beliefs systems and energy blocks through life experiences observing  myself and others around me and developing a stong ability to unveil and heal trauma, now one of  the keys to my practice.


My belief is that mind and body are deeply connected and for this, awareness is the key to change: only by turning our attention inwards are we able to “notice” our needs and understand how to help ourselves.

I believe that our bodies are wonderfully designed machines with natural self-healing abilities. I treat my job with great passion and respect, as I continue to grow and develop as a therapist, a healer and mainly a human being!

I approach my work with presence of mind, a readiness to listen, and, most importantly, a sincere wish for your well-being.


I specialise in a variety of different techniques, which share the same modality of assisting the body and mind in returning to their natural state of balance.


I use Energy Healing to identify the unconscious patterns that create what you would like to change in your life.  Most of the unconscious patterns have been created during past experience or transmitted by family’s unconscious. I will clarify the needs and the struggles behind them. Often, there are many unconscious strategies that have been put in place to deal with what was perceived initially as constraint.

We create together change in your unconscious using visualisations – the language of the unconscious – energy clearings, downloads and acknowledgement to pacify your inner conflict.


When the unconscious dynamics are revealed, limiting patterns become conscious and transform. The release in the energetic structures allows to make space for new behaviours, more harmony and ease in your life.