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Jan 15, 2024 - Mar 31, 2024

Heart Mind Body Group Healing Program

  • 77Days
  • 2Steps


Embark on a 12-week transformative journey within the Heart Mind and Body Healing container—a space meticulously crafted to redesign your inner and outer world, allowing you release the load of your past to carve out new territory for yourself and cultivate a life that sparks genuine joy and excitement! Throughout these 12 weeks, picture your life enriched by: -Engaging in dynamic live sessions each week, delving into conversations and powerful group energy clearing sessions to release the old and welcome the new. Imagine the power to clear old patterns, fostering new choices and unlocking a realm of possibilities - Receiving 9 workbooks with energetic exercises, providing a daily practice to liberate the old and make room for fresh energies - Attaining the clarity and creativity essential for your journey towards thriving. - Immersing yourself in a series of potent guided meditations and activations, empowering you to navigate change and unleash the full force of your potential (audio recordings yours to keep). - Joining a community of soul-led individuals—sharing victories and setbacks alike within a secure, compassionate, and vibrant container - Benefiting from dedicated support, ensuring a strong and committed companion on your path healing and rediscovering YOU - Healing the parts of you that feel wounded and burdened by the weight of the past - Releasing everything that no longer serves you from your heart, mind and soul - Experiencing ease, joy, and freedom as opposed to enduring struggles. Remember, everything you desire awaits on the other side of what you are unwilling to BE. What choices can you make today to gain access to the fullness of your being?

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