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Shift the awareness of your mind & body to live a life of healthgrowth and self-realisation.

Through this coaching experience you will be able to realign areas of your life that have been out of balance and running on empty.  You can also encourage simplicity, joy, and returning to true health and happiness by creating new wholesome patterns of thought and action.  Bring wholeness back through medication, mind body movements, and spiritual connection.  Find the keys to unlock the balance and return to wholeness.

"Whatever you focus on grows"

Specifically, this 2 months program with Viola will enable you to:

- Develop a fine ability to notice. Developing awareness is the first step towards change, and by doing so you will be able to sharpen the ability to know what is best for you in every areas of your life.

- Interpret your body signals. Your body is an intelliget machinery that sends out clear and distinct messages in the form of physical sensations or discomfort that give you a reference on how you are doing. You will learn to notice your body's YES and NO answers.

- Become aware of deeply held beliefs (usually hidden in the subconscious mind) that may not serve you good and therefor are limiting your mindset. We will "dig deep" to find those beliefs and replace them with empowering ones.

- Recognise and allow the expression and release of suppressed emotions that will free up the space for new energy and vitality to come in.

- Get clarity and move actively towards your goals, dreams, desires with grace and ease.



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Mind&Body Package includes:

·        personalised mind&body consultation

·        essential mind&body weekly practices

·        personalised mindfulness instructions & exercises

·        exploring and clearing the energy body

·        intuitive energy readings and clearings

·        recorded meditations

·        e-mail and in person support

Viola is now taking a small number of enrolments for her Mind&Body Programme.
Fill in the application form below and you will be contacted to schedule an interview phone call.
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