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The Body Beautiful

12-week journey to healing with Viola Crespi

Service Description

Are you a soul led woman who knows that vibrant health and energy is the key to creating a powerful reality for you, your family and your business? Are you ready to reconnect to the deep divine intelligence of your body you and remember that your medicine lies right within you? Are you waking up depleted and wonder why? Are you looking for a personalised plan and assessment of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs that has your unique blueprint in it? Are you tired of that “brain candy” healings that feel good at first but they never give you the measurable, tangible changes that you deserve? IMAGINE YOU COULD: Defuse the main hidden saboteurs to your health and wellbeing and no longer be a prisoner to them.

See and feel unconditional health and worth awakening within every cell of your body. 
Declutter your body from all the toxic emotions that prevent you from feeling deep gratitude, love, and appreciation all levels and on all areas of your life.
 Feel expansive, healthy, abundant, pain free, and energized in your mind, body, and soul Feel so incredibly good about yourself and feel excited to be you, with a ripple effect on all your relationships.
 Become the queen of your emotions and take the sceptre of your own needs and desires. 
 Unlock your full power and let your courage and strength roar
 Heal your childhood wounds and make peace with yourself
 Subconscious mindset work, combined with conscious mindset work, conscious choices, organic support and aligned action steps are the key ingredients to my client’s success I will work with you to free you from the subconscious patterns that keep you imprisoned in old, toxic emotions and behaviours and to allow new empowering habits to be integrated in your life.
 THIS 12 WEEK JOURNEY INCLUDES: The healing Blueprint, a deep Energetic Assessment to uncover your gifts and talents as well as the biggest blocks to being the best version of yourself A heart stirring 6 Healing Sessions (on a fortnightly basis) where we will clear beliefs, energies, and habits blocking your health A lifestyle planning guide which includes exercise, meditation, nutrition, self-care and tips on how to balance it all. A bespoke Health Reimprinting Recording to rewire old beliefs and unlock your full potential, uniquely made to transform your subconscious resistance beautifully and easily. WhatsApp/email personalised coaching/support. Surprise Bonus THIS SERVICE IS ON APPLICATION ONLY

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48hrs cancellation policy



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