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The Heart Mind and Body Program

Group program - 9 weekly LIVE sessions - 1h

Service Description

An innovative and transformational journey to release the old and choose ease What would it be like for you to acknowledge the lightness that you are and have never considered? What would it be like to be facilitated in the development and activation of your skills and knowledge, thus becoming a magnet for experiences of ease, joy and expansion? What would it be like to become part of a holistic community where you can share your experiences and feelings, receive guidance, support and find answers to all your questions? The "I have to do it all myself" days are over! How about if I told you I can facilitate you to recognise your infinite capacities and teach you how to give yourself permission to create new experiences? Let me invite you on a journey of self-discovery where you will learn to: - Put order and create space in your life; - Release old, disempowering patterns - Understand the emotional and energetic dynamics that keep you stuck and choose something different; - Recognising your deep desires and giving yourself permission to pursue them; - Learn to choose by following what is light; - Rediscover your talents and potential; - Function from a space of inclusion of you and your body; - Heal tensions and imbalances in a gentle way, bringing joy and simplicity back into all areas of your life. This innovative 9 weeks group program includes video trainings, mindset coaching, meditation sessions and Energy Clearings aimed at identifying the limiting beliefs that bind and hold you back in life and then transforming them into more relatable and empowering belief systems to support you in a life of ease, joy and success The course offers access to a specialised FB group and is facilitated through short video training, interactive manuals and weekly LIVE sessions that will take place on the FB page (and will remain recorded for those unable to attend live) Working in a group setting also creates a powerful community experience: a sacred space in which to to grow through mutual support and exchange with other participants What is included in the programme? 1 PERSONALISED CONSULTATION 9 VIDEO TRAININGS 9 MODULES WITH INTERACTIVE WORKBOOKS ACCESS TO THE M&B COMMUNITY VIA A DEDICATED FB GROUP 9 LIVE SESSIONS WITH ENERGY CLEARING WEEKLY Q&A + ONLINE SUPPORT VIA THE FB GROUP FOR THE DURATION OF THE PROGRAMME POSSIBILITY TO JOIN THE M&B ACADEMY AT THE END OF THE PROGRAMME. Get in touch to find out the next available dates for the HM&B program!

Cancellation Policy

48hrs cancellation policy