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The Soul Awakening

A deep journey to self-mastery in 9 sessions with Viola Crespi

Service Description

ALIGN TO YOUR DIVINE SOUL PURPOSE AND LIVE AN EXPANSIVE, CREATIVE AND ABUNDANT LIFE I will help you gain clarity about your true soul purpose and share with you incredible pragmatic tools that will allow you to manifest a life of ease and expansion. Living in alignment with your Soul means functioning from a place of integrity and authenticity and this is one of the biggest gifts you can give to yourself and to those around you. YOUR SOUL IS CALLING! Listen to its whispers today,let them lead the way! Have you ever experienced the feeling of knowing there is something greater available for you? Have you ever been run over by the feeling that you are much more than a physical body? Have you ever heard the voice of your own potential and wondered what it would take to follow that call? I know you have. And I also know that many times you have chosen to ignore all that because it was too scary, too different, to woo-woo, too out there... Yes, sometimes we ignore all the signs and we subscribe for what is considered to be “normal”. Other times we get so freaked out and/or overwhelmed by the “big leap” that we take a side step and we don’t show up for ourselves! But this will simply slow us down or, even worse, creates a heavy sense of unfulfillment and lack of drive. It’s time to come out of that dusty, comfortable and far too familiar closet and...SHINE! Are you ready to claim your super powers and align to your True Divine Life Purpose? My motto is “GO GALACTIC OR GO HOME” ! In this supersonic container of transformation, you will learn: - Awaken your psychic and intuitive gifts and find your way to connecting to the divine for instant clarity and guidance - Learn the difference between your mind, heart and gut’s energy and communicate with them - Design, see and create your big reality actualize it - Uncover what keeps you small and stuck and replace those limitations with new empowering beliefs - Connect to your Higher Self - Recalibrate, cleanse and protect your energy The Soul Awakening Program include: - 9 channelled Energy Healing Sessions (60 mins each) - Connect to the Divine Recorded Meditation - Life Purpose & Soul Purpose Readings -Custom recorded Reimprinting Meditations - Past life regression and future life reading - Create your Reality - Energy Pull Manifestation - Workbooks with guidelines & interactive prompts and exercises THIS SERVICE IS ON APPLICATION ONLY

Cancellation Policy

48hrs cancellation policy



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