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3 apr 2023 - 14 mag 2023

Heal your Heart - Live your Spirit [3rd April]

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A 6 weeks private, one-on-one guidance to help you heal your inner world — moving through your blocks, pain and fear — through the twinge of healing your deeper wounds and out to the awakening of your Intuitive connection to your Spirit— to a life of PEACE, CLARITY, CONFIDENCE and FREEDOM. Heal your Heart - Live your Spirit private healing offers a very personal, deep level of attention and support. Our work together is designed to facilitate you to open, reawaken, connect to your heart and lead your life from your Spirit. We will to dive deep into the 4 chambers of the heart, each one connected to an important aspect of your life, to unblock the treasures that are hidden there and release anything that keep you disconnected and stuck. I am present, invested and available to you every step of the way, ready to support you in what YOU NEED to break free. YOUR SESSIONS: ▽ - Initial Consultation - 4 x 1:1 TRANSFORMATIONAL HEALING SESSIONS (one for each chamber of the Heart) - 1 Personalised Reimpringting Meditation - Weekly Workbooks & Homeplays - Pragmatic Tools and Energetic Exercises to tune in with your Spirit in your everyday life - 1:1 Support - Bespoke FB group - Bonus & Extra Resources This program will start on April 3rd 2023.

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