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Viola Crespi

Welcome to my world of healing and transformation!


I'm Viola, your trusted Mindset Coach, Medical Intuitive, and Energy Healer. With 17 years of experience in the field, I'm passionate about empowering people to heal their past, embrace their present, and create a future they truly love.

Life has taught me a great deal about being human, and through all the twists and turns of events, I've come to understand that the true destination is living to express our deepest and truest selves. While there are certainly universal themes in being human, I believe that each person's journey is different and unique. That's why I offer a collaborative approach to our work together.

Within you, there is a place of wholeness and well-being that already exists, although it may have been overlaid along the course of your life. Our job is to clear the path of obstacles and hindrances, allowing you to move more freely and live an expansive life. But here's the exciting part – healing work doesn't have to be heavy or dramatic. I infuse a touch of humor and lightness into everything I do, making the journey enjoyable and empowering.

Through intuitive dialogue, energy clearings, coaching, and digging techniques, we'll embark on a journey of self-discovery. I'll listen to you with compassion and understanding, providing a safe space for healing. Together, we'll explore and discover your deepest, truest, and healthy self. We'll move beyond limitations, unleash your true potential, and create lasting change.

So, if you're ready to break free from the past, embrace your authenticity, and create a life of ease and joy, I'm here to be your compassionate guide. Let's laugh, heal, and co-create the future you've always dreamed of.

It's time to choose yourself and step into an extraordinary life.

© 2022 by Viola Crespi | Holistic Healing | Mindset Coach | Master Energy Healer & Medical Intuitive | 

My Story

My journey to healing traces back to my early years, where my sensitivity and awareness became more obvious and pronounced. As a teenager, I discovered my empathic abilities and realized I had an innate gift for picking up on people's emotions.

During my teens, I excelled as a professional athlete, but my fascination with the mind-spirit connection and the body's mysteries led me to make a significant shift in 2007. It was then that I decided to pursue natural healing and became a qualified massage therapist, deepening my understanding of the body's innate wisdom.

My passion for the "unseen" grew stronger, propelling me to further explore energy-based healing therapies. I delved into Biofluidic Osteopathy and Theta Healing, acquiring a solid foundation that supported my intuitive perceptions during healing sessions. Simultaneously, I embarked on a parallel journey of self-discovery, immersing myself in understanding repetitive patterns, belief systems, and energy blocks. Through personal experiences and observations of those around me, I developed a remarkable ability to unveil and heal trauma—a cornerstone of my practice.

This work uncovers the love that lies beneath behaviors and feelings, often rooted in our family systems. Sometimes, we adopt unwanted behaviors as a means of connection when love seems elusive. Transformation occurs when we transition from fear to love and compassion for all the wounded parts of ourselves, even the most challenging ones.

In early 2022, I qualified as a Medical Intuitive, bringing together more than a decade of in-depth learning about the body's innate healing intelligence. This certification awakened profound and powerful abilities within me, enabling revolutionary physical healings in both myself and my practice.

For a significant part of my life, struggle was my constant companion. Growing up, I felt I had to fight for everything: to be heard, seen, understood, respected, and be me! Peace and space were simply not on the menu for me, so my search for ease started even before I consciously realized: all I wanted was to escape the heaviness I was sourrounded by.

And when it comes to struggle, I can confidently say I've experienced a wide range of it: from family dramas, trauma, medical challenges, and body issues to toxic relationships and financial scarcity. The list seems endless. 

Today, there is nothing that lights me up more than empowering others to know that, regardless of their circumstances, stories, or pasts, a life of ease, freedom, joy, and space is within their reach. I've experienced firsthand the deep pain that comes with the yearning for something different, but I also know the bliss of finally creating a different life.

This is what I know is possible for you too, it is just one choice away. Shall we?

My Philosophy

In my world the mind and body are deeply intertwined, and I firmly believe that awareness is the key to transformation.

By turning our attention inward, we gain the power to "notice" our needs and discover how to truly help ourselves.

The human body is an extraordinary creation, equipped with innate self-healing abilities. With great passion and respect, I approach my role as a healer, a mother, a woman, and above all, a fellow human being. Every day, I strive to grow and evolve, expanding my knowledge of healing and embracing new dimensions of compassion.

When you step into my space, expect my unwavering presence of mind, a profound willingness to listen, and heartfelt guidance filled with deep compassion. Witnessing my clients transition from feelings of inadequacy to embodying their true, powerful nature brings indescribable joy to my heart.

Throughout my journey, I have delved into various transformative techniques, including Theta Healing, Access Consciousness, and the Miracles over Medicine Technique. These modalities share a common thread, working harmoniously to guide the body and mind back to their natural state of balance.

Viola Crespi Holistic Healing

My Approach

I will work with you to bring about the truth of your life experience, so that you are no longer a prisoner of it.

So that you can make a conscious choice of how to live in the present moment, not based on how you were programmed to be, but on who you truly are.

I will assist you by teaching you awareness, compassion and by training the emotional and spiritual musculature you need, as well as by providing right tools you require, to achieve a long-lasting sustainable effective healing.

Most of the unconscious patterns have been created during past experience or transmitted by family’s unconscious. I will clarify the needs and the struggles behind them and guide you through the metaphysical aspects of healing. Together we will break down the many unconscious strategies that have been put in place to deal with what was perceived initially as constraint.


We then create change in your unconscious using deep meditation and visualisations – the language of the unconscious – energy clearings, downloads, conscious actions and acknowledgement to pacify your inner conflict.


When the unconscious dynamics are revealed, limiting patterns become conscious and transform and so does your external reality. The release in the energetic structures creates more space for new behaviours, more harmony and ease in your body and in your life.

What you will get from me is a gentle, profound, compassionate yet fierce guidance and support. 

I wonder what is truly possible for you?!

Dicono di me

"Lavorare con Viola è stato un viaggio dentro me stessa; mi ha permesso di approfondire la connessione con chi sono veramente. Ogni modulo del M&B Program mi ha portato a affrontare ogni aspetto della mia vita in maniera dettagliata e diretta, con un profondo e rapido effetto sulla mia realtà. Ho capito i miei blocchi e le mie resistenze e ho imparato come trasformarle in qualcosa di utile e appagante. Con la sua guida gentile e presente, Viola mi ha presa per mano e accompagnato passo passo a vedere le mie ombre, così che non fossero più cosi spaventose e limitanti. Sicuramente il percorso con lei mi ha permesso di sviluppare un profondo senso di accettazione verso il mio passato e me stessa".

Sylwia Federico, M&B Program Individuale

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