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How can I help you:

Individual Sessions


Viola will hold you in a safe space and will walk alongside you to identify and release the blocks that are causing difficulties in your life! She will help you switch from fixed conclusions to new juicy possibilities!

Individual Program

A 12-week journey to healing. Viola will work with you to free you from the subconscious patterns that keep you imprisoned in old, toxic emotions and behaviours and to allow new empowering habits to be integrated in your life.

Individual Program

A deep journey to self-mastery in 9 sessions. Viola will help you gain clarity about your true soul purpose and share with you incredible pragmatic tools that will allow you to manifest a life of ease and expansion.

Group Program

The Heart Mind and Body Program

An innovative and transformational journey to release the old and choose ease. 

Group program - 9 weekly LIVE sessions

Group Program

A cocktail of fast, pragmatic and powerful tools & energy clearings 
to find your truth and live by it!

3 x 60 minutes group sessions

Courses & Classes

For an opportunity to grow with like-minded friends, acquire new skills and develop new abilities, join Viola in person or online for a selection of deeply transformational classes. 


Viola is honoured to accompany you on a journey of deep exploration and self-knowledge, an experience rich in meaning and transformation!

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May you find inspiration in these practices that Viola created for you and find your way back to a full expression of your potential!

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