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Breaking Up with Doubt

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4 WEEKS TO SLOW DOWN, CONNECT TO YOUR INTUITION AND FIND CLARITY WITHIN. In this self-study course you will learn: -the different (sometimes subtle) ways in which self-doubt could be showing up in your thoughts, feelings and behaviour; -the difference between your intuition and self-doubt, why avoiding and resisting self-doubt can do more harm than good, and what to do instead (hint: it involves practicing presence!); -the key mindset & energy shifts that will squash self-doubt and foster your unique and powerful awareness; -a variety of techniques for eliminating your limiting self-talk and creating the conditions for your growth and joy! ...and much more! This course is ideal for you if you believe in spirituality but you who are also on the lookout for pragmatic ways to make clearer, faster decisions based on YOUR truth, release the “chaos" from your life and bravely move your steps towards what makes you more fulfilled, more satisfied and unltimately more joyful!

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