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 I  am here to empower you to move out of judgement and create your life from a space of wonder and joy!

Mindset Coach, Master Energy Healer & Medical Intuitive

Viola Crespi | Holistic Healing | Mindset Coach, Master Energy Healer & Medical Intuitive


Hi, I am Viola

I am an Intuitive Coach, Master Energy Healer,
Choice Facilitator & Medical Intuitive.

I am here to guide you and support you with powerful, rapid and lasting tools to help you go from prisoner to your life to pioneer of a reality you love and you are excited to get out of bed for!

I am an Intuitive Mindset Coach, Master Energy Healer & Medical Intuitive.  ​  I am here to guide you and support you with powerful, rapid and lasting tools to create a life of health, growth, expansion and success!

Have you been asking for change?

What if the change that you are waiting for is already available for you and simply waiting for you to courageously embrace something different?

If you know that more is possible for your life, but are not quite sure what or how to get there,
then I am so glad you are here.

Time to find out together!

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When you work with me...

I will design a bespoke strategy that will allow you to move past all  the blocks and limitations and into a life full of the ease, joy and success that you deserve. 

I will focus on your uniqueness and help you awaken the powerful being you truly are.

You will learn to move past your limitations, craft your vision and illuminate your ‘why’.

It is time to claim your health, power and voice and be the gift to the world that you truly are.


Viola will hold you in a safe space and will walk alongside you to identify and release the blocks that are causing difficulties in your life! She will help you switch from fixed conclusions to new expanding possibilities...



These are group healing experiences for those who are seeking a like-hearted community in which to be held, nurtured and encouraged.

You will benefit from the incredible energy field that the group creates.


For an opportunity to grow with like-minded friends, acquire new skills and develop new abilities, join me in person or online for a selection of deeply transformational classes. 


Guided meditation with Energy work

Practising meditation regularly increases concentration, provides clarity, calms the mind and brings clarity of vision.

May you find inspiration in these practices I have created for you and find your way back to a full expression of your potential!

Download my free gift to you: a guided meditation specifically designed to release and clear blocks to manifesting health and wellbeing.

Guided meditation with Energy work
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