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Int - YOU - itive Reading

Remote/Distant Healing

  • 100 euros

Service Description

Discover your gifts, uncover your blindspots and find guidance on the burning questions your Spirit has been begging to tell you this whole time. My signature Int-YOU-itive Reading will empower you to find awareness in the midst of chaos. In this remote session, I will help you get to the root of your current challenges, uncover what’s limiting you, clear the noise from your head and reconnect you to your inner guidance system. You’ll get clear next steps to help you make the best decisions in the challenges you’re facing right now. We’ll move beyond your confusion and get clear direction on what's to come. With this Reading, you’ll get the awaress you’re looking for. We’ll look at: - Your present — what is required right NOW; - Your Past — what you’re changing and moving beyond and how to clear it; - Your Future — what you are already in the process of creating and how to do so with ease. Most importantly, we’ll address your burning questions and get clear answers and direction so you confidently move ahead. You will get the chance to ask up to 6 questions and will receive an in depth reading through audio recordings and a personalised workbook with references, tips, insights and homeplays. FAQ: WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A READING AND A HEALING SESSION? A reading is a general overview of your present condition, what’s coming ahead, and addresses your specific questions. I’ll identify your soul lessons, your innate gifts, blind spots; and offer specific intuitive guidance on how to move forward now. This is done remotely. A healing session (or a package) is a personalized in-depth healing experience. We work one-on-one to identify your specific goals, eliminate your obstacles, address self-sabotaging behaviors while activating your intuition, connecting you with your own awareness and empowering you to acknowledge your knowing and inner power. You’ll learn new self-empowering skills and develop confidence and competence in building the life you want. HOW DOES A READING WORK? I work by vibration, using a combination of different tools and techniques (tarot cards and crystals included). You will share with me your questions and I will tune in with your energy and provide the insights that emerge for you! It is a nurturing and fun experience that will leave you feeling reassured and clear. WHO IS THIS FOR? Anyone! WHAT QUESTIONS CAN I ASK? You can ask anything, from relationships to career, purpose, intuition and so forth.

Cancellation Policy

48hrs cancellation policy


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