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Relationship Coaching

A new space for intimacy & contribution

  • 788 euros

Service Description

Wherever you are right now when it comes to your relationships, what if there is actually way more possible? I have created this unique space, to guide you and your significant other away from the confines of your personal beliefs and conflicting routines, empowering you to truly understand and embrace each other's perspectives and gifts. Together, we'll uncover your relational truths and foster a deep and powerful connection. The cornerstone of an authentic and thriving relationship lies in the power of clear and uncomplicated communication. As a skilled facilitator, I will equip you with invaluable tools to establish open and transparent dialogue, fostering a profound understanding of your shared goals and resources. If you and your partner yearn for a safe and harmonious space to engage in peaceful communication, with the ultimate goal of bringing clarity and revitalizing your shared vision, you've come to the right place. Here, we'll work hand in hand to build a solid and mutually fulfilling foundation for a thriving future. This transformational journey is suitable for any kind of intimate relationship: couples, parent & son/daughter, friends or any other form of relationship. What else is possible with relationships that is haven't yet discovered? Package includes 5 x 60 minutes online sessions.

Cancellation Policy

48hrs cancellation policy


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