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Clients must be fully committed. Children or people under the age of 18 must have parental consent for the session  to take place. 
I reserve myself the right to stop seeing the client and/or end the treatment any time I want if I find there is a reason  to do so.  
The client is responsible for him/herself and for his/her choices in life. 
The client is not obliged to follow any advice that he doesn't feel suitable for his/her life.  If the client arrives late, the time will be deducted from the appointment as the practitioner has a schedule to follow  and no discounts are made on the rate charged. 
None of the treatments are intended to substitute any conventional medications or treatments that the client is already undertaking. I work in conjunction with traditional doctors and none of my sessions are meant to give any diagnosis.  

Results may vary from client to client.  For the best results the client should be fully engaged and committed. All healings take place with client's personal consent. 

All the information disclosed in session; besides those we have the duty to report such as life threat to the person or  others, is kept in confidentiality. I do not keep any client's details; all the information is safely destroyed after  sessions.  

Full payment is required prior booking the appointment. In order to complete bookings, the full fee must be paid.  Dates and times can then be selected through the calendar. 

A 48-hour notice is required to cancel or change your appointment, otherwise the full single session fee will be  charged. 
If the client needs to change any appointment it must be done in advance to avoid any inconvenience or unexpected  fees. The client has the right to change the same appointment 2 times, no more than that. If changed in  advance (2 days before), there will be no fees charged.  

Packages are not refundable. In exceptional cases, packages can be transferred to another person.  Bookings are subject to review and final confirmation, if made within 24 hours. Dates and times of bookings could be  subject to slight changes according to availability.  It is your responsibility to check time differences between countries. Viola is usually in Central European Time and will inform in advance in case of any changes of time or location.

By accepting terms and conditions you agree for the practitioner to follow through with the session.

Intellectual property is protected by law. You are prohibited from copying, reproducing, re-selling , sub-licensing , renting, sharing or otherwise distributing any of our Programs, Products, Courses, Meditations, Videos, Materials

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